Kern Construction LLC.’s mission is to protect our employees, our clients, the environment and the community by advancing the safe transportation of energy that is essential to our daily lives. To do this, we establish policies, set and enforce standards, educate, and conduct research to prevent incidents. The scope and complexity of our safety mission will continue to grow, requiring that we frequently rethink how we use data, information, and technology to achieve our safety goals. Our team strives daily for a safe and incident free workplace and with the support of management we will continue our record of ZERO RECORDABLE INCIDENTS.
Kern Construction considers the safety and well-being of our employees, clients, and subcontracting partners to be fundamental to our success. As one of the core values the overall safety objectives and functions are ultimately established and managed by the senior management and consistently implemented. As part of this commitment, Kern Construction has an active license with the Loss Prevention System™ (LPS™).

Loss Prevention System™ (LPS™)

The Loss Prevention System™ (LPS™) is a comprehensive management system designed to prevent or reduce losses using behavior-based tools and proven management techniques. Our clients have used LPS™ in approximately 200 countries around the world with measured, sustainable success. Whether our clients are Fortune 100 companies or smaller privately-owned businesses, they have benefited from LPS™’s integrated management system approach to address and prevent all types of losses such as: personal injuries, occupational illnesses, operational inefficiencies/reliability issues, equipment and property damage, motor vehicle accidents, regulatory assessments, and product quality incidents.